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About us

About Us

Abhaya group include Abhaya Hospital, Abhaya Addiction Recovery Center (AARC) and Abhaya College of Nursing

Abhaya Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital, established in 2001 in Bangalore which offers high quality, reliable and affordable health services in a focused and caring environment. With 100 beds and modern facilities like a state of the art Intensive Care Units (ICU) with ventilators, a fully modernized (modular) operation theater with operating microscope and a dialysis unit, we are committed in providing highest quality of patient care and also ensuring safe and effective health care.

Abhaya Hospital has an in-house CT scan, Ultrasound Scanning, Doppler Study, and a fully equipped Laboratory. We have a 24/7 Casualty, CT Scan Laboratory and a Pharmacy. The best technology in the medical field is put to use by a highly enthusiastic, qualified, dedicated, well-trained and experienced medical team along with expert paramedical executives.

Our Facilities Include :

  • 1) 100 beds with comprehensive services.
  • 2) Well - equipped ultra modern Operation theater with operating microscope.
  • 3) State - of - the - art Intensive Care Units (ICU) with ventilators.
  • 4) A well-equipped Dialysis unit.
  • 5) Emergency trauma services.
  • 6) Ambulance service on call.
  • 7) In-house fully equipped laboratory and CT scan.
  • 8) Consultancy, Diagnostics & therapy.
  • 9) 24-hour Pharmacy.

Our Vision

To provide affordable, reliable, and quality health care for all.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive health services to all by providing patient-Centerd treatment in a safe environment with the focus on a holistic recovery and community reintegration.

Our Core Values

Affordability : The cost of obtaining any service within the hospital is tailored to the economic power of the average Indian.
Quality Care : We deliver quality and cost-effective services.
Confidentiality : Team members display utmost secrecy in the handling of clients' records and information.
Leadership : We set quality standards in the delivery of health treatment.
Diversity : We value the diversity within our community and the infinite combination of options it provides us for the provision of mental health services.
Professionalism : The engine to drive the hospital services are manned by appropriately trained and highly skilled multi-disciplinary health professionals.
Dedication : The members of the health team in our organisation is a group of motivated, result oriented, committed health care providers having the welfare and recovery of the patients uppermost in their minds.
Patient Oriented Approach : The hospital is sensitive to the needs of the patient, encourages patient participation and is proactive on feedback, for continuous service improvement.

Abhaya Hospital To provide affordable, comprehensive and quality healthcare for all

Founder Of Hospital

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  • Phone : +91 - 9035016740/41/42/43
  • Email : abhayahealth@gmail.com

Dr. B Anjinappa

  • Phone : +91 - 9035016740/41/42/43
  • Email : abhayahealth@gmail.com

Dr. A Jagadish

  • Phone : +91 - 9035016740/41/42/43
  • Email : abhayahealth@gmail.com

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